What is a Unicorn and How Can a Couple Looking For A Unicorn?

With the rise and acceptance of polyamorous relationships among today's era, more and more couples are engaging in the trend of "unicorn hunting" as a way to fill the sexual desires of both polyamorous partners. Generally, "unicorn hunting" is done by a heterosexual couple, which seeks out a bisexual woman to join in on the relationship both sexually and romantically. Yes, Couple looking for unicorn goes way beyond a casual threesome and is rather quite a serious affair. In this article, we are going to discuss what a unicorn is and how a couple can look for a unicorn.

what is a unicorn and how can a couple look for a unicorn

What Is This Mythical Unicorn All About?

While polyamorous relationships denote that multiple sexual and romantic relationships will be maintained simultaneously with the full knowledge and consent of all parties involved, generally, a unicorn is someone who joins a couple and not a large polyamorous grouping. The term unicorn is used to describe someone who is a) a bisexual woman (although not always) and b) someone who is very difficult to find.

The unicorn must be willing to join the existing couple under the presumption that they will date and be sexually and romantically involved with all members within that couple and not demand or do anything to harm or inconvenience the couple. This ensures that the couple remains the primary relationship, while the unicorn, is a secondary partner to both individuals. Essentially, the couple date one another as normal, while the unicorn must always participate in romantic or sexual relations with both individuals present. If there is an issue or the unicorn isn't working out for the couple, the unicorn will leave willingly and not cause problems in doing so.

Beyond this, sometimes the unicorn is strictly there for the sexual side of the relationship and is expected to not form any emotional bonds or attachments with the couple. This means that the unicorn can continue to have their own desires, pre-existing lives, and needs.

How Do Couples Find a Unicorn to Incorporate Into Their Lives?

  • Hit Internet Dating Sites for Threesomes
  • The easiest place to find unicorns is through dating threesome sites or unicorn dating site that are specifically designed around a couples looking for a unicorn. You are going to want to set up a profile, tailor it to exactly what you are looking for, and then be patient and open-minded. Remember to specify that you are looking for a unicorn and not just a casual threesome.

    A neat way to draw in a unicorn is to tell them something that would make them interested in joining you; tell them what you offer. This could be a strictly sexual relationship with you and your partner or it could be that you want another human being who is interested in spicing up each other's sex lives. Just remember that a unicorn is another individual who has needs and desires too - so cater to them where you can.

  • Looking For Polyamorous Events Locally
  • A quick online search is going to net you some results in local events in your area that are polyamorous in nature. This could be a local meet-up, it could be a bar or club, or it could be an event of some sort. While unicorns may be hard to find, if you mingle with enough polyamorous individuals, you are eventually going to find one.

The trick here is to not rule anything out, as you can even find unicorns on regular dating websites and applications. In order to save your time, the professional unicorn dating site will be your best choice. When you do find an interested party, make sure to treat them with respect, build up a rapport with them, and make it clear that you are looking for a balanced and mature integration between your couple and the potential unicorn. Keep in mind that not every bisexual man or woman will want to be the triyad, so sort it out before jumping the gun with a hot and steamy DM.

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